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  • Skills for front-line leaders / supervisors
  • Skills for front-line leaders / supervisors
  • Skills for front-line leaders / supervisors

Practical daily supervisor skills that make the front-line leaders’ job easier, and improve performance for the organization.

The Objective is Better Performance

Front line leaders have two responsibilities:

  1. Achieve the mission of the organization, and
  2. Look after their people.

They need to do both.

There are five core skills they need:

  • instructing
  • setting priorities
  • addressing performance issues
  • improving work methods
  • listening

When they have those five skills, they can get amazing results.

Our Approach – Solve Real Problems

Good training delivers great performance

Here are some examples of what learners have done:

  • eliminated errors costing $50k/year in 15 minutes
  • almost doubled a worker’s production in a morning
  • reduced client wait time over 50% in 4 months
  • reduced plant rework 85% in 5 months
  • increased quality index from 55% to 85% in 6 months
  • increased plant capacity 100% in 8 months

Improve operational performance, sustainable continuous improvement, and build your team. Practical, lasting gains in 3-6 months

Here are four representative engagements


  • 110 units/day to 180 units/day
  • 5 months, no capital


  • Lead time from 6 months to 6 weeks
  • Worst in the industry to the best
  • 8 months, $25k capital


  • Quality index from 55% to 85%
  • 6 months, no capital
  • Industry standard to industry leader


  • 22 lost time accidents to 2
  • 18 months, no capital

In each assignment operational leaders emerged with better skills

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Engaging and inspiring, Hugh’s practical ideas about leadership and continuous improvement will make a difference.

Hugh did his first public speaking during high-school, and has presented at hundreds of workshops, seminars and classes over the years.

Short talks – free with the purchase of ten books

These 20–30-minute talks by video link drive home the importance of skilled supervisors. Each talk includes a lesson that teaches a practical skill your team can use the moment they leave the room.

Choose from one of these three titles.

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Paid talks

These 45–75-minute talks will be tailored to the specific challenges you need to give to your organization. Focusing on the connection of supervisor skills and continuous improvement, they link the twin needs of every leader: achieving your mission and building your people. They can be delivered by video, or in person when travel restrictions permit.

Here are five sample titles. These can be adapted and tailored to your precise needs.

  • The Skilled Labour Shortage is a Myth: How a Shortage of Skilled Leaders is Limiting Your Organization’s Ability to Achieve its Mission
  • Perfectly Designed for the Results You Have: The Secret to Getting Better Outcomes for Your Organization
  • Without Breaking a Sweat: How You Can Improve Production, Productivity and Profits 50% or More and Transform Your Organization
  • Are You Watching Your People Waste Time? Four Questions to Ask, and a Way Out of the Swamp
  • Four Forces that Drain Your Profits; And The Four Superpowers You Need to Prevent the Evil

Why First Line Training?

I have run plants, warehouses, and offices. I’ve been where you are. I have improved performance in every operation I’ve run.

I’ve taught over 900 front line leaders. The people I have taught tell me that it’s the most important, most useful training they’ve ever had.

I have been taught how to teach. With advanced studies in adult education, experience running staff development for a 1,000-person division, and courses in “train the trainer” and facilitation, my approach makes use of the best of what we know about how adults learn.